Decorating with Flowers -Beautiful Vases & Cache Pots

Decorating with flowers done coastal style. The secret is in the vase and the cache pot.

Nantucket basket cache pots
Charming Nantucket baskets are used as flower cache pots. You can find several shopping sources for them on Basket Decor Nantucket Island Style.

decorating with flowers in nautical vase
A wall mounted nautical vase, designed for a yacht. Original source no longer available.

beach pails cache pots
Bright and colorful Beach Sand Pails and Buckets as seen on Martha Stewart.

gurgle pot as vase
And any cool coastal pitcher will do, such as the gurgle pot. Available at Ocean Offerings.

handmade sea glass vase
A seaglass vase from Beach Grass Cottage.

glass tubes in glass vase
Place smaller vases with flowers in a larger vase and fill the spaces in between with driftwood sticks. Original source no longer available.

glass vase with shells
Or simply place shells on the bottom of a vase. Via.