Make Your Own Coastal Artwork

Easy to make coastal art work with stencils made from clip art.

make your own artwork
This DIY Coastal Art looks stunning and professional.

diy coastal artwork
It started off with two blank canvases, painted gray, and an inspiration coral branch as a guide. The drawing was done free style with a pencil.

coral artwork on canvas
The coral branch artwork was painted red, and to add dimension and shadows, white was applied. Then the entire artwork was coated with clear to give it sheen. The frames were homemade as well, using styrophor that was cut to size and hot-glued on the canvases.

make your own burlap canvas artwork
Another idea. Here an old canvas was cover with burlap, then painted. This artwork is made with the help of Free Clip Art Print Outs that were turned into stencils. The sea creatures were traced onto the burlap with a sharpie.

painting on burlap canvas
Acrylic paint was used to add color.

make your own canvas artwork
The sharpie lines shine through the blue which gives this DIY coastal artwork dimension.