Straw Hats Decor -An Ode to Summer & Beach

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Straw hats have come out of storage and some never leave the house -they are decor only!

summer straw hats
They look pretty as summer decorations! Via Elle Decor.

straw hats for summer decor
This is Katie's Ode to the Summer. It includes lovely straw hats which for me definitely conjure up images of relaxing on the beach.

straw hats on shelf by India Hicks
Straw hats decor in India Hicks' Island Home.

straw hats on front porch
Decorative and practical. Straw hats ready for grabs on the front porch in a Fire Island Beach Cottage.

straw hat wreat front door
Or remind yourself to relax with a Straw Hat Wreath on the front door, available at Ocean Offerings.

straw hats decor on wall
Straw hats as wall decor! Source no longer available.

straw hat on oar rack
And if you have an Oar rack to Hang a Straw Hat like Cheryl of Beachcomber, even better.

hang straw hats on rack
Laurie also uses an Oar rack to display her Straw Hats.

straw hat wall clock
And here's a fun idea. Turn a straw hat into a wall clock. You can do this with a Clock Kit, seen at Country Living.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer!
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Della said...

My hubby and I were just talking about straw hats last night! As in, we want some! These are some awesome ideas to decorate with them. Now, where can I find/make some wall space?

Have a great day Maya!

michelle said...

Love these and this idea! I need to find some hats to put around the house. Thanks for the ideas. :)

Juju at Tales of said...

I had no idea a collection of these could look so good.

Beach Coast Style said...

love this post!! I've got a cowboy straw hat for the summer and my kids think I am crazy! I just laugh at them. I love the hats over the walkway to and from the living and dining areas.

simone said...

They are so beach cottagey!

beachcomber said...

great ideas there. i'm honoured to be in that collection. thanks so much maya!!
cheryl x

Sherri said...

I have always loved straw hats and you have shown us some really lovely ones!

katiedid said...

Thanks so much for including me! You have a great collection of my favorite things here! I am looking forward to hopping over to some new blogs. :)

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Makes me want to go buy a bunch of hats now! I love that big piece of corral too.

Lili said...

All those straw hats are so lovely! I just realized I don't even own one and I'm asking myself "why not?"!!! ~Lili

Pirate Life said...

Love the hats.. and a clock hat is sooo fun mine would have to be set to 5:00 all the time

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