DIY Coastal Starfish Stencil Ideas for Furniture & Lampshades

Stencils give you endless possibilities to add the coastal beach theme to anything you can paint, and stencils are a popular choice. 

Starfish Stenciled Lampshade
A beautifully stenciled Starfish Lampshade. Use starfish stencils to spruce up a neutral fabric and paint them directly onto the shade. This method does not leave much room for error. You could also use fabric that you then spray glue onto the shade.

Starfish Dresser
A Coastal Dresser Makevover by Blissopia. A playful stenciled golden starfish makes this dresser a one of a kind furniture piece.

Starfish Stencil on Burlap Fabric
A simple white starfish gives a burlap Upholstered chair a cool coastal vibe. Seen on Flickr, featured on Burlap DIY Ideas.

Sarfish Kid's Table
This Kid's Table is cute.

Starfish Stencil Table
A starfish table by Whimsea Cottage.

Starfish Bar Stools
These simple Bar Stools are perfect for starfish stencils! Via Pinterest. For more fabulously painted chairs, click here.

Stencils on Glass
You can even paint Stencils on Glass. Via Pinterest. You can embellish any kind of Coffee Table with starfish stencils.