Coastal & Nautical Topiary Ideas

Awesome coastal theme topiary examples to inspire your own creations.

how to create topiary art
Topiary is the art of trimming and shaping shrubs and plants into specific shapes, mostly with the help of wire frames. 

Above are some flat coastal topiary ideas made with a simple wire frame. Seen on Pinterest. Original source unknown.

Flamingo Coastal Topiary Planter Idea
The Plastic Garden Flamingo reimagined with a pink planter topiary flamingo. Seen at HGTV.

Large anchor topiary by Agrumi UK.

Large flamingo topiary, seen at Seventh Avenue.

seahorse flower topiary
Elaborate seahorse topiary with flowers by Parkseed at the South Carolina festival of flowers via Flickr.

Another stunning sea inspired topiary, created by All Things Plants.

octopus wire topiary frame
And here a couple of dimensional topiary wire frames to give you an idea how they look like. An octopus topiary frame by Geckomeister on Etsy.

chicken wire topiary frame
And a fish topiary frame made with chicken wire by Growers Supply Network.

how to make topiary wire frame
You can buy topiary frames online in places like Topiary 4 You and Topiaries from the Sea or you can learn how to make a topiary frame. This book from Amazon might help: Quick and Easy Topiary and Green Sculpture. A small frame could be fashioned from a coat hanger.

Another option. Trim a frameless topiary, like this starfish, seen here. You can take these coastal and nautical topiary ideas into many directions, including having a topiary made by a garden company.

windsurfer topiary
The sky is the limit to what you can create. Some topiary frames that I have seen are beautiful Garden Sculptures just as they are. Windsurfer Topiary via Two to Travel.