Wooden Crates Used as Tables, Storage Bins, Trays & Shelves with a Coastal Theme

Coastal decorating ideas that will have you look at wooden crates in a whole new way. 

Old Wooden Crate Coffee Table
Old crate painted beachy nautical style is used as a coffee table on the porch of a Tybee Island cottage by Jane Coslick.

painted wood crate
Castaways Hall sells painted crates with a similar look.

soda crate table
Old soda crates are turned into a Display Coffee Table. For more inspiration, check out these Glass Display Coffee Tables and Curio Tables.

crate storage bin
Crate Love at Ocean Soul. An old crate is used as a storage bin, but not without adding a coastal touch in form of an old nautical vintage label, found on the internet, printed out, then adhered with mod podge.

Vintage Wood Crate Decor Idea

crate shelves
Crate chic shelving idea in a Bathroom. This crates were built with cedar boards.

lobster crate table
And a lobster crate table, used as a prop at Lexington Company

Lobster Trap Wood Crate Coffee Table Made in Maine
Wood crate Lobster Tables Made in Maine by Chip Howarth Woodworking. These wooden crate tables are made of furniture grade native Maine oak, coated with spar varnish. The "heads" are all hand knit with white nylon twine, just add your piece of tempered glass to complete the table top.

Used wooden lobster traps are getting more scarce every year as lobstermen are switching over to vinyl.