Gift Wrapping Ideas -From Beach Papers to Charts to Jars to Bags

Wrap your gifts with Decorative Coastal Gift Wrapping Papers.

beach gift wrapping paper
This is the kind of Coastal Gift Wrapping Paper that you unwrap carefully so you can save and reuse it.

coastal gift box
It takes little to make a simple box beautiful. Via Beachcomber.

Easy Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Ideas
Simple gift wrapping idea with brown paper, string and shell by Celebrate & Decorate.

nautical chart gift wrapping paper
Old maps and old atlas pages, all make great wrapping papers. If you don't have maps, your library might sell used ones or you might find some freebies via Freecycle. This idea comes from Coastal Living. Tip: Give all your gifts a finished look by tying bows made of wide satin ribbon.

coastal gift tags
Make a coastal statement with a Gift Tag. Seen here.

wrapping gifts in jars
Have you ever thought of gift wrapping something in a jar? Seen at My Home Ideas.

decorated paper gift bags
And lastly. No gift wrapping at all. Use a paper bag instead. You can decorate white or brown paper bags simply by adding colorful tissue wrapping paper and a Coastal Tag. Via Starfish Cottage.

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