A Simple Round Shell Mirror Tutorial

My round shell mirror made with shells found on the beach.

round shell mirror
You can make a compelling shell mirror by collecting shells of one kind. The repeat pattern gives the shell mirror a simple elegance.

round seashell mirror
Many of the shells had natural holes in them, and I strung them into a Shell Garland.

shell mirror tutorial
The design is simple. Two circles, one on top of the other. The top circle covers up the gaps in the first circle.

mirror tutorial
My husband cut out the wood circle. You could use a foam board as a base instead which would be easy to cut with a utility knife.

round mirror on wood
He also cut the round mirror from a sheet of faux glass. Here too, you can use a simple round mirror (charger). I used wood glue and hot glue to adhere the mirror.

mirror hanging hardware
A look at the backside. I drilled a hole first -not a stable hanging solution.

glued shells on mirror
I used hot glue, which is fast and fun to work with. But I had forgotten that it creates fine glue threads that go everywhere if you're not careful.

shell mirror on wall
I love my round shell mirror.

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