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These beautiful beach shadow boxes are sure to inspire! Small or large, antique or new, a shadow boxes will showcase your sea treasures and beach memories in style.

beach shadow box ideas
I've seen a few beach shadow boxes made from Antique Printer Trays. Isn't this a great rustic look! It suits shells so well.

beach shadow box
And here's a small Printer Tray Shadow Box.

Antique Printers Tray
And then there's this spectacular printer tray, created by Jane of Sea Breezes. Jane says, "Everything in it is beach themed, it keeps me going through the winter." If you love this idea, you can find plenty of Antique Printer Trays on Ebay. I love the variety in this display. Photos are mounted along with letters and beach treasures.

white shadow box idea
This Beach Shadow Box is a poster that's available on Take it as an inspiration to create an all white shadow box with a modern sleek vibe! Beach rocks are creatively arranged. Very cute!

This is one of my favorite DIY ideas. A Drawer Shadow Box! Follow the link to learn how to transform an old drawer into a shadow box. A very doable project. You could even leave the drawer pull or add one!

Display Box
And after swooning over the cubby organizer in the Pottery Barn catalog, Karla from It's The Little Things re-purposed her vintage Schweppes wooden bottle crate into a beach shadow box. Perhaps these shadow boxes have sparked your imagination! White Space White Space

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