The Pole House

The Pole House is hovering 100 feet above the beach, perched on a concrete pole.

the pole houseIt's designed to swaying slightly in the wind! Want to overnight here and be gently rocked to sleep? The Pole house is available as a vacation rental.

pole house vacation rental in Fairhaven beach, Victoria, AustraliaLocation. Fairhaven beach, Victoria, Australia, near Melbourne and the start of the Great Ocean Road.

pole house interiorsUnderstandably demand is high for this love shack that has seen many honeymooners come and go since it came on the market as a vacation home after owner and builder Frank Dixon sold the house three years ago.

ocean view house AustraliaBuilt in 1978 time has not gone by in here. The most shocking relict, Berber carpeted walls! But it's all about the ocean views and the swaying in the wind, right?

pole house bedroomA perfectly fine queen size bed.

pole house views over the seaImagine walking up in the morning to the sun and wide open blue sea. Owner Kathi Adams says: "We go down there and do nothing but sit and look at the view because it changes every five minutes. I call it 'living art'."