Easy to Make Table Centerpieces with Seashells, Flowers, Candles and more

Easy to make table centerpieces with seashells, flowers and more.

An easy breezy seashell centerpiece with a Flower Bouquet Vase filled with seashells. Make this with a hand picked Seashell Collection and you have a great conversation starter, sharing a few good memories from the shore. Original source unknown.

seashell center pieceThis Seashell Centerpiece shows that a plate with a few great shore treasures is indeed all you need! And what a happy summer table this is.

glass bowl with shellsInstead of a plate use a pedestal glass bowl and you get this striking display.

beachy table centerpieceRachel Ray's Beachy Table Centerpiece, using sand, shells and sea grass.

vase centepieceA brilliant Centerpiece made with two cylindrical vases. The smaller vase, holding Hydrangeas, is placed inside the bigger one filled with sand and seashells.

floating candles with shellsFor this Beach Centerpiece, water and floating candles are added to the seashell mix.

shell and coral table centerpieceAnd lastly a sophisticated Table Centerpiece by Martha Stewart, beautiful, but more elaborate.