Basic Instincts Cliffside Mansion in Carmel

Basic Instinct (1992) with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone is a homage to Alfred Hitchcock, by Paul Verhoeven.

Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct at cliffside mansion
And I clearly remember the "deck" scene. How could I not? The location was simply breath taking with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.

cliffside mansion carmel
Here a bird's eye view of the Cliffside Mansion on 157 Spindrift Road in Carmel Highlands, just south of San Francisco. Back then the home was owned by the Hayes family who developed and built the mansion. Read the daughters, Jodi Hayes, Basic Instinct Review. She meet Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas on the scene!

Fossett mansion in Carmel
Then in 2004 the home received a facelift under the new owners Peggy and Steve Fossett.

exterior of cliffside mansion
And if the name Steve Fossett sounds familiar to you, well, it's because Steve Fossett was an aviator, sailor and adventurer, known for breaking 116 world records in five different sports and the first person to fly solo around the world in a balloon in 2002.

living room of Fossett mansion
The home went from French Château with Art Déco and Hollywood flair to modern conservative for the filming of Basic Instinct.

living room with ocean view
Keeping all the rooms in a neutral palette to not distract from the beautiful and ever changing seascape outside.

bedroom with ocean view
In AD's Article Peggy says about her husband, “Steve likes coming home, but he’s the kind of guy who can’t sit still for too long. Soon he’ll be anxious to be on his way again.” Not many romantic dinners on that deck for those two, I suppose.

dining room with ocean view
Perhaps you know the ending of this story. Steve Fossett was in the news again in 2007 when he disappeared off the face of the earth. The plane he was flying failed to return and he was declared legally dead in February 2008.

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