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Coastal & Nautical Mirrors | 9 Favorites

I love mirrors. Big and small. A large coastal or nautical mirror can hang as a statement piece over the sofa or mantel, while smaller mirrors can bring interest to a narrower wall space, impress as a grouping or be integrated into an eclectic Gallery Wall. Mirrors bring light and dimension to a space, and these mirrors also celebrate the coast and the sea.

Large Driftwood Mirror in Bathroom

Here are some favorite coastal mirrors from Completely Coastal partner stores. Make sure to click on the links to view the entire mirror collection of each store -there are many choices! Starting with a large driftwood mirror from Ocean Offerings, in a bathroom by Blue Sky Building Company. Via Pinterest.

Nautical Mirrors
Nautical rope mirrors, coastal mirrors and driftwood mirrors at Caron's Beach House.

Coastal Mirror
One of Caron's Beach House coastal mirrors.

Mermaid Mirror
A variety of painted mermaid mirrors at By the Seashore Decor.

Sunburst Driftwood Mirror
Driftwood mirrors and nautical mirrors at Our Boat House.

Anchor Chain Mirror
Our Boat House's nautical anchor chain mirror hanging in a bedroom by JS Interiors. Via Pinterest.

Nautical Mirror Wood
Nautical theme painted wood mirrors, driftwood and shell mirrors at Outer Banks Trading Group.

Painted Wood Mirror Made in USA
Outer Bank Trading Group's painted wood mirrors are made in the USA and shipping is included in the price.

Nautical Flag Mirror
Nautical flag mirror, driftwood mirrors, and shell mirrors at Ocean Offerings. This nautical mirror features handpainted tiles and is made in the USA. Choose your frame color. Black, blue or cream!

To view other great examples of coastal mirrors in rooms, click on the links below!
Rope Mirrors
Driftwood Sunburst Mirrors
Oyster Shell Mirrors
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