A One of A Kind Driftwood Door

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This Nantucket abode, decorated by Donna Elle Interior Design and featured in Boston Magazine was built from scratch and includes a one of a kind driftwood door.

Nantucket home by Donna Elle Design
There it is on the right! And it contrasts beautifully with the bright turquoise accents.

driftwood door
The driftwood door is artfully pieced together with different sized planks. If you are thinking of making a door like this, look for long flat pieces or large logs that can be cut, such as the log I found and currently use as a side table, posted on my Facebook Page. I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon that beauty!
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Della said...

Oh, it is beautiful! It would be cool to have all of the doors in a house made this way!

DTTD imagine.design.create said...

Oooh, I love it! It's so unique, and the wood is gorgeous! Adding it to my Coastal Inspiration board on Pinterest right now :-)


affetti said...

What about the ceiling beams? Are they painted to look like driftwood?

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