DIY Wall Mounted TV Cabinet Idea with Coastal Art Print

Don't want to look at the black screen on your TV? Make a TV wall cabinet that features a coastal art print!

DIY Wall Mounted TV Cabinet with Coastal Art
This DIY Wall Mounted TV Cabinet Idea from H20 Bungalow is a creative solution to hide your flat screen TV. It's so much better to look at a beautiful coastal beach scene than a black screen when you are not watching TV.

How to Mount Coastal Art on Cabinet Doors
The beach scene image is a Downloadable Ocean Beach Print from Ms Wall Art. The image file was super enlarged at an office store, then the print was adhered across the four hinged doors. You can learn all about this process at H20 Bungalow here: How to Mount a Large Coastal Engineer Print.

You could use any Downloadable Coastal Print and mount it to the flat surface of other Wood Cabinets with this technique.