Turquoise Decor Ideas for the Bedroom

Dream with Turquoise.

Turquoise Beige and Black Decor in Bedroom

Turquoise is a very popular Coastal Color Scheme. It is a lovely greenish-blue hue that immediately evokes images of ocean waters. It is the perfect color for creating a beachy bedroom. Whether you use a little turquoise or a lot. It is a color that pairs beautifully with many other shades, such as sandy beige, other blues, coral, red, as well as black. Here are a few inspiring coastal bedrooms that use turquoise in different ways.

Turquoise Aqua Teal Colors
Some bedrooms perhaps lean a little more towards sea green, aqua (less green) or teal (darken than turquoise). This chart helps to tell the difference.

Image of Color Palette: This Bugs Life
Image Ocean Photo: Great Big Canvas

Turquoise Wall in Bedroom with White Poster Bed

Turquoise Decor Ideas for the Bedroom

Turquoise Wall Art and Decor in Bedroom

Turquoise Painted Walls and Decor in Bedroom

Turquoise Coral Motif Bedding

Turquoise Headboard for Bedroom

The headboard is available in a variety of blues and other colors. Below you see the headboard in a brighter shade.

Turquoise Headboard and Decor Ideas for a Bedroom
As above, this bedroom also features a blue Chippendale headboard. To see the living room of this home, click HERE.