Beach Party Cupcake Ideas | Its the toppers!

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The beach is in the topping! Decorative beach cupcakes that will make your Party extra fun.

Beach Party Cupcakes

You can build these red crabs with licorice legs and died frosting.

Chocolate Seashell Cupcakes
Top off your cupcakes with DIY chocolate seashells using
Shell Ice Cube Trays or Baking Molds

Beach Theme Cupcake Topping
The topping for these adorable cupcakes are made with frosting and colored sprinkles.

Palm Tree Cupcakes
Add cute edible palm trees to your cupcakes.

Coastal and Beach Theme Cupcake Toppers
The easiest way to bring the coast and the beach to your cupcakes -add toppers!

What I love about these beach cupcake topping ideas is that they all work with store bought cupcakes. Easy breezy!

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