Coastal Nail Art Idea from HGTVs Dream Home 2017

They nailed the coastal wall art in HGTV's dream home 2017.

Nail Art Idea HGTV Dream Home 2017
HGTV's Dream Home 2017 is on St. Simons Island, GA. The decor is not particularly coastal, nor beachy, except for the pool lounge. It's a sophisticated oceanic retreat with unique nail art as the focal point. Or rather screw art. As you see in the close up, they creatively depicted a coastal scene with a Shorebird using drywall screws. It's somewhat similar to String Art that uses nails and sewing thread. You can do this on a piece of wood. They kept the background white for a sleek modern look, but you can play with paint. Draw an outline of a simple coastal scene, get your drill and start driving in the screws. It is best to use softwoods, such as pine or cedar, for this project.

Shorebird Nail Art

Coastal Nail Art

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