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String Art how to with a Sea and Nautical Theme

I just discovered the world of string art, and it's amazing what you can create with nails and string. String art is inexpensive too. So check out these neat sea and nautical designs, and string art how to!

string art how to
Zoe of Creative in Chicago used crochet and regular sewing thread in blues, greens and purples for her String Art.

srting art with words
The words sea and sand are left bare with this design. You could do it the other way around too and string the letters instead.

string art with sea design
Make sure to visit Zoe for more pictures!

Now to the string art how to. All you need is a piece of wood. Paint it to match your decor or leave as is for a rustic look. Then decide what you want to write or draw on it. Find letters or a design to print out on the internet or sketch something yourself, cut it out, then position your string art design on the wood and tape it on. Now you're ready to hammer in the nails! You can get an idea for the spacing of the nails from Zoe's string art. When you're done, rip off the paper and start weaving the strings. Tie the string in a knot on the first nail. There are no rules here! You could do the first pass with one color, then go back over everything with a second color, and so forth, until your piece looks complete.

String Art Anchor
And here's another example and how to. A cool String Art Anchor! Your string art design can be as elaborate or simple as you want it to be. A sailboat would be quite easy to do also, for example. And a grouping of mini string art pieces would look great too. Will you be stringing along soon?
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Pink Overalls @DIY Home Staging said...

What a sweet idea. I've pinned this onto my Pinterest board for DIY art for homestaging. I remember when string art used to be ugly!

Creative in Chicago said...

So glad you enjoyed my String art

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