Restoration of a Tiny House by the Sea

This tiny house is a great little restoration project.

tiny house by the sea
The location of this tiny house by the sea is rugged McNutt Island in Nova Scotia.

tiny house before restoration
The house had a previous life as a fish shed. It was restored to be a guest house by Anne and her husband who lived on the island for four years. They blogged about it here and have written a book about their secluded island adventure too.

tiny house restored into guest house
The tiny house by the sea is quick to tour. One room only. The tiny house measures a whopping eight feet in width and twelve feet in length.

tiny house interiors
The things they discovered in the abode, such as lobster buoys, tools, and old lanterns have become decorations. The desk was in the main house and may have once been the desk for the island post office.

tiny house bedroom
And there was plenty of room for a comfy queen-sized bed. You can read more over at the Tiny House Blog.

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