Gibson Island Home with Lots of Nautical Details

This Gibson Island, Maryland, home is a weekend getaway, kept airy nautical.

Designed by Erin Page Pitts Interiors, the home's overall color scheme is shades of blue. Abstract Ocean Paintings are the focal point in the living room, enhanced by art lighting.

A large wardrobe that features iron cast hooks with rope design, ocean art in black and white, a ship inspired ceiling lamp, and a great natural tile floor make this an Entryway with a Wow Factor.

And they Painted the Stair Risers in shades of blue -an inexpensive way to add Ocean Colors. The Colors used on the stairways reflect the colors throughout the house.

A Rope Banister leading to the lower level was handmade by a craftsman. The weathered, reclaimed wood-framed mirrors resemble Portholes.

The Wall Mural in the back of the family room downstairs is a Map of Gibson Island, painted by Twin Diamond Studios.

And the office has a lot of nautical touches too. To to see more of this island getaway, head over to the Washington Post.