Using a Porthole Window as Picture Frame

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I have a porthole window and it gives me a glimpse of the ocean!

Porthole Window Picture Frame

A porthole window makes for a great picture frame. You can create the feeling of looking through a real ship porthole by mounting an ocean photograph behind the glass which is what I did.

Cheap Aluminum Porthole Window
I bought an inexpensive Aluminum Porthole Window on Amazon and used one of my ocean photographs.

Using a Porthole Window as Picture Frame
Here you see the backside of the porthole window. You simply attach your picture to the back of the glass.

Porthole Window with Ocean View
Or, get your Porthole Window with Ocean View from Wayfair's Nautical Collection! Either way, you will enjoy your glimpse of the vast blue sea! And check out all the porthole decorating ideas below too!

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