Beach Bottle Ornaments | Shop & DIY

The beloved Filled Ball Ornaments might just have met their match with these filled ornaments.

Filled Beach Bottle Ornaments

If the beach is your happy place, you might want to make sand, shells and beach memories part of your Coastal Christmas Decor -and these beach bottle ornaments are darling. You can shop them or make them yourself! 

Beach Memory Mini Jar Ornaments

Fill mini jar bottles with a little bit of sand from your favorite beaches, add location tags, maybe a few tiny shells, and you got yourself a bunch of cute personal memory ornaments! It's a super simple craft.

Mini Jar Bottles with Corks
You can find a variety of mini bottles on Amazon. Mini Glass Jars with Corks and Charm Bottles with Corks and Hangers (see below).

Mini Jar Ornaments
And you could also use tiny spice jars to make beach bottle ornaments. You might already have a bunch of these in your kitchen cabinet! You can learn more about these mini jars over at Violently Domestic.

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