DIY Ideas for Driftwood Signs with Words, Sayings and Quotes

Creative ideas for charming driftwood sign.

Driftwood Sign with Chalkboard Frame
Take a small driftwood log and hang a chalkboard frame off it. Seen here.

Driftwood sign with Saying
Attach several driftwood planks with eye screws and hooks. Via Etsy.

Painted Directional Destination Driftwood Signs
A similar driftwood sign idea as above. Here the driftwood signs are nailed to a center plank. Made by Salty Girl. Or build a large version of this as a stake sign for the yard -to see an example scroll down to the last picture.

Driftwood Sign Ideas
A driftwood sign made from several small chunky pieces. Seen here. To hang, use a natural twine.

Driftwood Sign Tutorial
A simple driftwood log sign, using a paint pen, from A Heartful Home.

Eckart Tolle Quote Driftwood Sign
Driftwood log with Eckhart Tolle quote. Seen on FB.

DIY Driftwood Plank Sign
DIY embellished driftwood sign from The Space Between. Any flat driftwood plank washed up on the shore lends itself to being used as a canvas for a favorite word, saying or quote.

Driftwood Yard Stake Sign
Or build a large stake sign for the yard! You could write your favorite coastal locations on each driftwood plank. Featured here.

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