DIY Ideas for Driftwood Signs with Words, Sayings and Quotes

Creative ideas for charming driftwood sign.

Driftwood Sign with Chalkboard Frame
Take a small driftwood log and hang a chalkboard frame off it. Seen here.

Driftwood sign with Saying
Attach several driftwood planks with eye screws and hooks. Via Etsy.

Driftwood Sign Ideas
A driftwood sign made from several small chunky pieces. Seen here. To hang, use a natural twine.

Driftwood Sign Tutorial
A simple driftwood log sign, using a paint pen, from A Heartful Home.

DIY Driftwood Plank Sign
DIY embellished driftwood sign from The Space Between. Any flat driftwood plank washed up on the shore lends itself to being used as a canvas for a favorite word, saying or quote.

Driftwood Beach Sign
Same idea as above, only here the sign is turned into a stake that you can stick in a pot or use in the yard. By Michelle Paige, featured here.

Driftwood Yard Stake Sign
Or build a large stake sign for the yard! You could write your favorite coastal locations on each driftwood plank. Featured here.

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