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A beach ball is much more than just a child's toy. It embodies fun and careless days at the beach.

Beach Ball Pillow Fabric Scraps

If you love this beach ball summer staple, bring it to your space in form of a pillow. Shop the look or DIY!

Outdoor Beach Ball Pillow

Beach Ball Pillow

Beach Ball Pillow Design

beach ball pillow
Depending on the fabric and colors you choose, your beach ball pillow can sit right on your couch or add a touch of whimsy to your bed, like this beach ball pillow at the W hotel in San Diego, featured at CN Traveler.

how to make a beach ball pillow
You can find the tutorial for these pillows at Purl Bee.

make beach ball pillows
Pick colors that match your decor. Source no longer available.

beach ball pillow tutorial
It's not the most simple project, but to be sewing all the colorful pieces together on a rainy Sunday afternoon could be quite relaxing.

old sweater beach ball pillow
Or instead of using fabric, make a super cozy beach ball pillow from old sweaters. For all the details, click here.

Crochet Ball Pillow