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The following two DIY coastal ornaments are the most popular Christmas ornament crafts ever! One ornament is super easy, the other requires paint and a few hours of your time. Both are gems! Lets start with the easy Christmas ornament craft first.

Christmas ornament crafts with clear balls
The filled clear ball ornaments. Does their popularity surprise you? Not really, right? It is so simple and so lovely. This one is made by Just Beachy Now, and it's a bestseller in her store.

Beach Ornament
Filled Christmas ornament by Home Stories A to Z, featured on Make a Beach Christmas Ornament. Below are three more examples, all previously featured on 12 Homemade Xmas Ornaments to Make.

filled clear ball ornament crafts
Lovely vacation ornaments! By Turtles and Tails.

rope filled clear ball ornaments
Rope filled. Original source no longer available.

clear ornament filled
Swirly waves and a boat. Via Coastal Living. For this photo ornament crafts (as well as for the following three) you'll need an acrylic fillable ball ornament that has two halves and snaps open. You can buy these online in places such as Factory Direct Craft.

photo Christmas ornament
A cute photo Christmas ornament. Original source unknown.

homemade beach Christmas ornament ball
Another sweetie, featured on Ideas for Homemade Christmas Ornaments Coastal Style. Via Life is a Beautiful Place to Be. And before we move on to the more challenging Christmas ornament crafts...

fillable Christmas ornament
here's a twist on the theme, just recently found at Wildwood Creek. A filled ornament is displayed on a candle holder. This way it's more of a beach sphere and you can use it year round.

glass float ornaments
Here we go. Gorgeous homemade glass ball ornaments inspired by Fishing Glass Floats! I discovered these on Matsutake. They were first coated with Mod Podge (on the inside), dried in the oven, then painted. For another approach (that sounds easier), read on.

homemade glass ornament
Sand and Sisal's Glass Float Ornaments were also part of last year's post 12 Homemade Xmas Ornament. Everybody seems to love them! Kim mixed Mod Podge with paint to coat the clear balls on the inside, then added Decorative Fish Net. Kim has a step by step tutorial posted on her blog!

glass float ornaments from the beach house store
3 Inch Glass Floats for your rustic tree, sold at The Beach House Store!

So which ornaments would you want on your tree? White Space White Space

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