Crisp Navy Blue and White Wall Stripes

Nautical sailor chic stripes are timeless. Here are a few ideas how you can bring bold navy blue stripes to your walls.

living room with blue and white horizontal wall stripes
Nautical Accent Wall in navy blue and white stripes. Via Prego Sem Estopa.

Paint your stripes or use Striped Wallpaper.

hallway with blue and white wall stripes
Edgy Tromp l'Oeil design by designer Tracy Murdock. Without the Beach Painting though, the space would remind me more of a circus tent than white sails gliding across the deep blue sea.

vertical blue wall stripes in bathroom
Narrow blue and white stripes. The look is softer, less graphic punch. Seen here.

navy blue and white wall stripes
Clean, simple, modern. Also via Prego Sem Estopa.

wide blue and white wall stripes in hallway
Blue and white wall stripes in a hallway. Via Houzz.

bedroom with blue and white stripes
Wall stripes in a bedromm via MWM.

blue and white striped bedroom walls
The great American decorator Dorothy Draper once proclaimed, "the wider the stripe, the smarter the effect." Bedroom seen here.

And to get your wall stripes just right, paint the base color over the tape. If you need help, search the web with the keyword how to paint wall stripes. There's a sea of tutorials out there.