A Driftwood Decorated Home in Northern California

A Northern California home that's filled with hand crafted driftwood furnishings and accessories.

Driftwood Home from a distance
The owner of this charming Cabin on the Water in San Rafael has a passion for nature and outfitted the home with furnishings and accessories Made from Driftwood branches and logs brought home from beach walks.

Driftwood Home
Driftwood is part of a seashell display and a sculptural piece has become Driftwood Wall Art.

Driftwood Knot Board
A burnt driftwood piece retrieved from a bonfire on the beach is turned into a whimsical Knot Board.

Driftwood Home
A a masterpiece of a Headboard constructed with driftwood found over several years.

Handmade Driftwood Mirror
A huge handmade Driftwood Mirror hangs in the dining room.

Handcrafted Driftwood Mirror
The intention for this driftwood decorated home was to look as though an old sea captain had finally come ashore, and pulled his home together out of what was to hand.

Driftwood Beam Bathroom
In one of the bathrooms you find a hefty driftwood beam above the shower which came from the same timber used for the big dining room mirror.

Handmade Driftwood Table
The same bathroom is also accessorized with a lovely driftwood stool. View more Driftwood Furniture Ideas.

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