Making the Oyster Shell Mirror from Wisteria

A stunning DIY oyster shell mirror, inspired by Wisteria's oyster shell mirrors.

Wisteria oyster shell mirrorWisteria's oyster shell mirror in all its glory. It's a pricey mirror, so it's the perfect DIY project.

How to Make a Seashell MirrorTo Make the Oyster Shell Mirror is quite a projects. But the result is impressive.

To make the shell mirror, you'll need a beveled edge mirror, a large 1/4 inch piece of plywood, liquid nails, small shells and a big bag of Oyster shells. The process is fairly simple. Cut out the oval shape from the wood, attach picture hangers on the back, then glue on the mirror. After that you can begin gluing on the Oysters ring by ring, outer ring first, letting them hang over the edge a little, finish with small shells.

The oyster shells used from the mirror came from an Oyster Factory. Warning: the shells are smelly and need thorough cleaning.

Oyster Shell MirrorA priceless masterpiece.