DIY Curio Accent Tables with Coastal Displays

Display your coastal treasures in a DIY curio accent table.

coastal curio accent DIY ideas
A small curio table is perfect to display a collection of seashells and all kinds of beachy things. Seen at Barbara Jacksier.

Curio tables are not that easy to find, unlike their big brother, the Glass Display Coffee Table. But with a little bit of imagination you can make your own DIY curio accent.

diy curio side table how to make
This DIY curio accent table is made with a plastic urn as a base, purchased from a garden center. The urn base is filled up with paper, topped with a Seashell Collection, and a thick round piece of glass. For more details, head over to Tales from an OC Cottage.

diy curio table from bird bath
You can easily convert a bird bath into a small curio accent table. Original source unknown.

diy basket curio able
Another great idea for a DIY curio table is to use a basket, seen on Everything Coastal. Like the urn, the basket is filled with paper or whatever you see fit, then topped with seashells and a piece of glass.

small curio table
A curio table idea with compartments.

diy beach curio table
A piano bench was transformed into a curio accent table. Instructions via BHG: Remove the hinges from the bench and cut out the center of the top to accommodate a piece of glass. Screw wood trim pieces to each corner on the underside of the top. This will keep the top secure when replaced on the bench. Sand, and then prime and paint the piece. Let dry. Fit a custom-cut piece of glass to the top using mirror clips. Place decorative paper inside the bench and add shells.

recycled old window table
An Old Window is upcycled into a fabulous curio table by Seaglass Dezigns.