The Story of a Delaware Beach House

Can you imagine, you build yourself a house and when it's done you don't want it anymore?

Delaware beach houseThat's the story of this Delaware beach house in the resort town of Rehoboth.

coastal home in DelawareBuilt in 2004, the 1,800-square-foot house was going to be a second home for the owners, a carriage house with plans for a four story main house.

shore house in DelawareBut then the carriage house stood empty most of the time, "It's just more house than we need," said the owners, so the main house was never built (except for the pilings).

beach house in RehobothThen last November the owners decided to sell and put the beach house on the market for $2.25 million, and just a few days ago the price was lowered to $1,995,000.

beach house DelawareMay this beautiful home on 4.5 acres soon be occupied and loved. It won my heart with its driveway and 33 Endless View (address)! Read the full story here.