Shabby Chic Cottage Style with Rachel Ashwell at her Malibu Beach Cottage

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If you love shabby chic cottage style decorating then I'm sure you are familiar with shabby chic creator Rachel Ashwell.

Rachel Ashewell at her Malibu beach cottage
I can't say that I'm a lace and ruffle kind of person, but I do appreciate all styles and here is what I take away from Rachel Ashwell's design ideas. For a starter, Rachel is not a big house person she told Oprah in an interview. Here she is in her 1700 sq. ft. Malibu beach cottage.

shabby chic beach cottage style decor
In her shabby chic beach cottage it all boils down to beauty, comfort and function. Less is more. No clutter, only making room for items she uses daily.

shabby chic cottage living
Rachel has always been known for white, which is a no brainer, she says, using it as a starting platform. Everything is a little sandy and moist but the view forgives any imperfections. Picture via LA Times.

shabby chic beds
I love Rachel's idea of creating snoozing places. A daybed in a corner somewhere, to rest, when going to bed isn't called for.

shabby chic sofa with slip covers
Then shabby chic cottage style most certainly includes mushy sofas with slip covers. Easy, breezy. And another design element that I love are vintage finds with patina. Think "windswept" by sea breezes as in Nantucket Decor Cottage Style. Rachel says, she's been driving the highways from antique malls to antique stores for years, looking for one of a kind vintage treasures of tables, cabinets, mirrors and art.

shabby chic decorating outdoors by the sea
And lastly. Taking inside furniture outside when weather permits. Love that! "I am always making the inside, outside wherever possible." Rachel says. "Nothing compares to the natural fragrances and freshness of the outside."

Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic cottage style made a debut here on Completely Coastal on this post. West Elm used her bedding in their photo shoot (first picture).
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Fembria-art said...

Mir gefällt der schrank hinter dem Sofa. Sehr schön, schaut aus als ob er schon viel erlebt hat.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

She is still my favorite. My cottage has less of her rose covered rufflies now because I have three men whom like things a bit more coastal contemporary, but her style still makes my heart skip a beat.

Lili said...

If I had a choice, I would rather have a few small houses than 1 huge one...yes Rachel has the right idea! I've always loved her color palette and style. ~Lili

Makai said...

One can dream...

Rachel said...

I love a snoozing place.

Sheer Serendipity said...

I love her shabby chic decor, looks so comfortable!

Beach House Living said...

The sun room would be a favorite place of mine.

michelle said...

Oh my! That first room that she is sitting in, I would give not anything, but pretty close, to have that. :)

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Ok, that view has me just about crying. Megamillions here I come!

Everything Coastal said...

Rachel Ashwell has always been one of my design heros - reading her books and about her beach style ideas, helped inspire me to create our first store in Poulsbo. So glad to see she's back with new boutiques, a new attitude and her books re-published.


Rose Beach said...

I would love love love that view of the sea! I love Rachel's nonclutter~ I wish I could achieve that goal. I have beautiful things, yes, but far too many items. Right now I have her serene pale blue bedroom pic on my desktop. It is so beautiful and relaxing. I'm thinking that my next bedroom will be blue. Aqua is a favorite color. Reminds me of the beautiful sea.

René Marie said...

Coastal cottage & Shabby Chic styles go hand in hand for me ;0) Always have been; always will be a Rachael fan!

René @ Beach Cottage Life

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