Paint a Bla Sisal Rug with Bold Blue Stripes

How to paint a sisal rug coastal style.

How to Paint Sisal Rug
Natural Fiber Sisal Rugs are the ultimate rugs for simple coastal style living, but this doesn't mean that your sisal rug has to be sandy beige. How about sailor chic Blue Stripes

 Painting your own Rug not only saves you money, it also ensures you get it in exactly the color you want! This paint project is featured on the DIY Network.

paint sisal rug with stripes
To paint your sisal rug you will need flat-spray paint, painter's tape, craft paper or newspaper, as well as a can of acrylic sealant spray.

outdoor sisal rug with stripes
The painted sisal rug looks fabulous and gives this outdoor space pizzas and formality. Get the step by step instructions over at the Diy Network!