Carving It Coastal -Jack O Lanterns with a Sea Theme

Planning on carving some pumpkins this season? Check out these sea inspired coastal Jack O Lanterns.

Sea Shell Carved Pumpkin Jack O Lantern
Delightful shell pumpkin seen on Sandpearl Resort's facebook page, located in Clearwater Beach FL.

coastal sea Jack O Lanterns
Find a variety of creative coastal Jack O Lanterns at Pleasure in Simple Things. This image and the image below.

nautical Jack O Lantern

whale Jack O Lantern
Whale Jack O Lantern by A Quiet Life.

Palm Tree Halloween Pumpkin
This Halloween pumpkin is spray painted and carved with a palm tree stencil by Late Afternoon.

sea Jack O Lanterns
A bunch of coastal sea Jack O Lanterns, made using Coastal Living's Free Templates. By Tara via Facebook.

coastal carving Jack O Lanterns
Coastal Carving of Jack O Lanterns at The Daily News Galveston. They provide the 3 patterns.

palm tree Jack O Lantern
Original source unknown.

Carving coastal pumpkins
Whale pumpkin that floats in candy. You can find all the details and how to at Woman's Day.

Beach Palm Tree Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Carving Idea
A palm tree sunset carving that sets a beachy mood for Fall. Original source unknown.

pineapple Jack O Lantern
And for everyone who's celebrating the season and Halloween in the tropics, you might prefer a Pineapple Jack O Lantern. Photo by Ann Larie Valentine via Flickr. Click here for a round up of favorite coastal pumpkins.