Science Charts & Teaching Charts -Sea Decor Ideas from the Classroom

A decor idea straight from the classroom. Beautiful science charts and teaching charts.

science chart decor
Vintage science chart that features seashells. Homeowner Kathleen Wall says, "In my sun room I have a reference map for shells. It's one of my favorite things in my home." Read Kathleen's post on How to Shop for Vintage Pull Down Maps.

You can find these maps on Ebay under Pull Down Maps. But make sure to search with the keywords science charts and teaching charts as well, just so you won't miss anything.

seashell science chart
Outer Banks Trading Group has a wonderful collection of vintage style science charts. From assorted seashells, to sand dollars, to fish.

vintage science charts
Vintage-style science charts seen in this Nautical Sea Captain Home.

seaweed chart
A lovely poster with a selection of seaweeds that has the feeling of a vintage science chart. The illustrations are reproductions of original drawings created and painted with water-color by Atelier Arminho.

teaching chart wold
The most popular and easiest to find teaching charts are geographical maps. They add a lot of sea to your room! This vintage pull-down map bought on Ebay hides the TV. You have seen it in this California Home.

map wall hanging
And a vignette seen at Trisha Brink Design. Chart your course with these ideas from the classroom.