3 Easy Ways to Create a Word Canvas

A great comprehensive tutorial that shows 3 easy ways to create a word canvas by Paintspiration.

word canvas
Artist Michelle Eshleman creates Beachy Word Canvas Paintings with Quotes available through her Etsy store. She experimented and tweaked different methods for transferring writing onto canvas, and these are her top 3 methods.

transfer letters to canvas
You can transfer letters to a canvas, using vinyl letter stickers, stencils, or carbon paper transfers. For this painting Michelle used vinyl letter stickers. You place the non permanent letters on the canvas and paint over them.

stencil words on canvas
With stencils and carbon transfers you finish the painting first, then add the words. This lovely canvas is done with Stencils, a method most people are probably familiar with.

For carbon paper transfers you need a steady hand. The great thing about the carbon method though, you can type your quote on the computer with any font you wish, and print it out. You then trace the letters with the help of carbon paper onto the canvas, then paint the letters (that's where the steady hand comes in).

To get all the details and step by step instructions, head here. She also has helpful tips on painting your canvas.