Ship Blueprints Wall Decor Ideas

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Ship blueprints are fascinating. These mechanical drawings show such detail, add to it the traditional rich blue ink and you have a gorgeous piece of art. Here are 4 inspirational ship blueprints wall decor ideas.

ship blueprint wall decor idea above bed
Since computers, true blueprints have become a rarity, so these are all reproductions, some stylised, but nonetheless beautiful. Via Ryan White Designs.

ship blueprints wall decor ideas
Series of Ship Blueprints from Williams Sonoma.

framed ship blueprints
Gallery wall with Ship Blue Prints from Pottery Barn.

ship blueprints wall decor idea above sofa
Here an example of ship drawings on black from the book Rooms to Inspire by the Sea. Lovely as well. And just like Maps and Charts, blueprints have made their way onto Wallpaper, as well as decorative accessories. White Space

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