Nautical Decorating with Classic American Charm

This gorgeous custom crafted nautical home exudes classic American charm.

nautical American decorating
Sally, the owner, sent me an email, saying that she wanted to show me the pictures because she thought I would appreciate the interiors.

Sally and her husband have been collecting nautical items since their honeymoon on the east coast in 1980. The large Model Yacht of the sailboat Columbia is spectacular. And check out the great brass lamp and Nantucket Style Basket on the table. The lamp is from an original binnacle, purchased at The Sea Hag in Cortez, FL. And the basket was handwoven by a local craftsman. The sofas are of a great Nautical Fabric with gold embroidered stars.

The Signal Flags used as a valance in the dining area are from the nautical flea market in Islamorada, FL. They planned a trip there just to go to that flea market and it brought them many great treasures.

The cozy den is filled with a variety of nautical antiques. A Life Preserver, a ship's wheel that is from an old Dutch barge, an old boat propeller, a brass ship's clock, and framed ship paintings that are the original works of Sally's husband. You can see them throughout the home.

The flag theme pops up in a small Nautical Rug.

The great pair of Vintage Oars in the master bedroom was purchased at The Sea Hag as well.

In the master bathroom, a Decorative Fish Net above the Bathtub adds a playful touch. For another fish net idea (over the bed), go to Nautical Design Ideas for Bedrooms. The framed waterfront painting is by a local artist.

Along the stairs you see vintage signal flags hung from an old boat hook. The buoys are from a local antique shop, and the oars were acquired from a Lake Michigan ferry transit line. And all these wonderful nautical finds can be enjoyed from the sitting nook on the stair landing.