5 Cool Globe Makeovers

Change the world with a globe makeover.

Chop a globe in half and you're off to a good start. Of course Globes are perfect as they are, but cut them in half and they can function as bowls, clocks, lamps and more.

This globe, featured on BHG, was once a neglected attic dweller. Now it sits on a stand, filled with seasonal Fall potpourri.

globe bowl tutorial
A little warning though. According to Cathe who made this Globe Bowl, it wasn't that easy to cut it in half. Check out the scalloped paper edges. A lovely detail.

globe clock
A timely globe makeover. A hole was drilled in the South Pole, and a clock movement inserted. Seen at Imotime, an Etsy store. Want to see something very elaborate? Check out this Globe Wall Clock Craft Project at Woman's Day.

globe lamps
Each hemisphere of a globe makes a great hanging lamp! Seen at Rose Buds Cottage. You can buy ready to hang ceiling light cords at Ikea or you might find them at your local hardware store.

globe art
Something artsy. Half a globe mounted in a shadowbox like setting with an assortment of vintage letter tiles, made by Beth of Patina White. And a few more creative global inspirations on HGTV. The pictures aren't great, but the projects are sea worthy.