Coastal Pumpkin Carving Ideas & Free Templates -Carved Pumpkins with a Sea Theme

Fabulous coastal pumpkin carving ideas, along with free templates from Coastal Living.

pumpkin carving ideas sea theme
Coastal Living Food Editor Julia Rutland did some pumpkin carvings for last year's October issue. Here you see two of the seven pumpkins she carved in full glow on the Chapel Dock at Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina.

sea pumpkin
Handsome carved pumpkins with a sea them.

free template for pumpkin carving
You can download the free templates and get step-by-step instructions at Coastal Living. Pumpkin carving can be done in two ways. Cut all the way through, creating openings, or carve the top layer of the pumpkins only as you see done by Coastal Living.

coastal pumpkins
Fabulous coastal pumpkins. Carvings include waves, starfish, anchor and more.

Coastal Halloween
Pumpkins carved by Coastal Living for a Coastal Halloween celebration.

Artificial Pumpkins Carved with Dremel Tool
Artificial coastal pumpkins carved with Dremel tool at the Beach House at Hood Canal via Pinterest.

carved pumpkin with whale
This whale pumpkin is another example of carving the top layer only. Via A Quiet Life.

nautical pumpkin lantern
Here's a glowing example of a decorated Whale Pumpkin. "The only tricky thing is not taking too much flesh out of the middle. If you take out too much it is easier to accidentally pierce through when taking off the skin." Alice of Quaint Living says.

carved lighthouse pumpkin
This is an example with openings, using an artificial pumpkin. Carve once and enjoy it for years to come! Supposedly artificial pumpkins are easier to carve than regular pumpkins. By Art Beco via Flickr.

nautical carved pumpkins
Coastal pumpkin carvings abound in this outdoor pumpkin display. Original source unknown.

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