Porthole Window Ideas for your Home

For a truly unique nautical touch, install an authentic ship porthole window. One's for the cat!

porthole door for cat
The cat seems to like its porthole door.

porthole window idea for the front door
The owners of this Seattle Houseboat installed two porthole windows on their front door. One for them to peek through and one for the cat to sneak in and out. Authentic nautical living that begins at the front door. Seen on Houzz.

front door with porthole window
Another unique entry from Houzz.

porthole window on interior door
A porthole window installed on an interior door.

porthole window bathroom shower
A porthole window in the shower, as well as a Porthole Mirror by the bathroom vanity. It gives the space the feel of a ship cabin. Via Houzz.

porthole window idea for bathtub
Would you really want to have porthole windows on your bath tub? Via The Water Monopoly.

ship porthole
Shop for antique porthole windows on Ebay and on Etsy. Image via Flickr.