Natural Driftwood for a Spa Like Bathroom

Adding natural driftwood to the bathroom helps create a relaxing spa like retreat.

driftwood screen in bathroom
Elaborate suspended driftwood screen made of Driftwood Garlands, seen on Apartment Therapy.

driftwood garland screen
Short pieces of driftwood were drilled with holes and strung with wire. Each end of the chain is fixed to a board anchored to the floor or ceiling.

standing driftwood branch in bathroom
There's a number of functional things you can do with driftwood too, such as Using a Large Piece of Driftwood as a rack, like in this picture. Via Martha Stewart.

driftwood mirror in Domino book
Use a Striking Driftwood Mirror above the sink as seen in Domino The Book of Decorating.

diy driftwood mirror tutorial
Want to make a driftwood mirror? There's a tutorial here.

driftwood wall rack
A simple driftwood wall rack idea via Etsy. Original source no longer available.

driftwood cabinet
Another simple idea. A cute little driftwood wall cabinet, seen on Etsy as well. Original source no longer available.

driftwood in vase
Or don't think about function. Just display a bundle of natural driftwood in a vase. This spa like bathroom comes from Design New England.

driftwood collection in vase
Vase filled with Driftwood next to the shower.

Driftwood Toilet Paper Holder
And you could turn a piece of driftwood into a Driftwood Toilet Paper Holder.