Natural Driftwood for a Spa Like Bathroom

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Adding natural driftwood to the bathroom helps create a relaxing spa like retreat!

driftwood screen in bathroom
How about a suspended driftwood screen? Designed and created by Susan Castor for a beach front home in Texas, featured on Apartment Therapy.

driftwood garland screen
Short pieces of driftwood were drilled with holes and strung with wire. Each end of the chain is fixed to a board anchored to the floor or ceiling.

standing driftwood branch in bathroom
There's a number of functional things you can do with driftwood too, such as Using a Large Piece of Driftwood as a rack, like in this picture. Via Martha Stewart.

driftwood mirror in Domino book
Then, of course, there is the driftwood mirror idea! Many of you love the Sunburst Driftwood Mirror, including me. Not so practical for the bathroom. But check out this statement mirror, featured in Domino (The Book of Decorating).

diy driftwood mirror tutorial
Want to make it? There's a tutorial here!

driftwood wall rack
This and the next idea comes from Marza, an Etsy shop. A sweet driftwood wall rack.

driftwood cabinet
And the cutest driftwood medicine cabinet!

driftwood in vase
Or don't think about function. Just display a bundle of natural driftwood in a vase. This spa like bathroom comes from Design New England.

driftwood collection in vase
And a Vase filled with Driftwood next to the shower. All great examples of how to use driftwood in the bathroom! And then there is the toilet paper holder. In case you missed it, click here!
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Jenny said...

I love the driftwood screen and the mirror.

Sand and Shells said...

The wall rack is totally sweet, love it!!!

NOSTALGI I NR. 9 said...

I like the bathroom ideas a lot.
Love your blog, very inspirating :-)
Best regards, Anita

beachcomber said...

all lovely! i'd like to find a piece to hang towels on.

Ideezine said...

The bathroom is the perfect place for driftwood it can stand the dampness, and constant temperature changes. Love these all!

Della said...

The driftwood screen is amazing! Love it!

I made a window treatment with driftwood over the bathroom window. It looks really cool.

Sheer Serendipity said...

I just did a post on driftwood decor also… I love using driftwood in decor, I think it can go with so many different decorating styles. Love your inspirations!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Some wonderful ways to decorate with driftwood. I think a little bit goes a long way though...not sure about the screen. But I sure get some great ideas!

J. Beaudet said...

I love the mirror! Driftwood is such a favorite of mine!

Wax Beach Artist said...

I Pinned the towel rack...too cool! Love it!

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