DIY Sea Shell Hearts | Wall Art

Beautiful examples of DIY shell hearts. Decorate a wall space in your home, or give as a gift.

Seashell Heart Wall Art on Wood
Making a sea shell heart can be as simple as Gluing Seashells onto a wooden board. Via Tattered & Inked.

Shell Heart Wall Hanging
Shell heart wall hanging by Just Measuring Up, using hot glue and a rustic wooden board.

shell heart valentine

Wood Hearts Wall Decor Craft

shell hearts
Another seashell heart on wood, composed with shells collected on a Caribbean island beach. Via.

handmade oyster shell heart
Rugged Oyster Shell Heart. The added rope is a nice touch.

shell heart with burlap
Shell Burlap Heart. Burlap is a great material that works well with beach style decorating. And you can write on it too.

sea shell heart for Valentines
This Seashell Heart is a real gem.

shell hearts
Shell hearts made from all kinds of shells, including broken ones. Via Etsy. Original source no longer available.

Wood Crafts Shell Heart
To make this sea shell heart, shells were glued onto a wood form.

mussel shell heart
A rope framed Shell Heart made from mussel shells.

shell heart mirror
Or how about creating a Shell heart mirror? All you need is a small round mirror that you glue to the heart wood cutout.

More Heart Ideas
Shells - Driftwood - Rocks - Seaglass