Beach Cottage Shutters for Organizing

Organize with beach cottage shutters.

ideas for organizing with shutters pin boards
You can use charming Coastal Shutters as decor in a variety of ways. From Headboards to Wall Decor. Here are some ideas that show how you can use shutters to organize things like notes, cards, and magazines.

This clever Pin Board with Shutters is a spin on Memo Boards. It gives you the flexibility to hide your notes. Stripes were used as the background. To give it more punch, consider a cool Beachy Nautical Fabric, or Nautical Charts instead.

A rustic shutter holds a collection of travel postcards. Via Facebook.

shutters as pin boards for organizing
Using the shutter horizontally. Via BHG.

tall shutters pin boards
And an Office Nook with door shutters. Notes and pictures are attached to the louvers with cloth pins.