DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier

Make a show stopping faux capiz shell chandelier.

capiz shell chandelier west elm
A beautiful DIY version of West Elm's Capiz Chandelier. Original source no longer available.

capiz shell chandelier
Capiz Chandeliers like this one (sold at Wayfair) are pricey. So let's look at some knock off's.

hanging faux capiz chandelier
You will need to sew together a zillion wax paper circles to make a faux capiz chandelier. Then hang the strings on a lamp wire ring. Original source no longer available.

Faux Wax Paper Capiz Chandelier
The wax paper circles are stitched together with a sawing machine. For the tutorial go to Making House a Home.

For more DIY capiz shell chandelier tutorials (since most sources here are no longer available), search the internet -You will find plenty!

faux capiz chandelier in bedroom
DIY capiz shell chandelier in a bedroom. Original source no longer available.

capiz chandelier
And another masterpiece of a DIY capiz chandelier. Original source no longer available.

Capiz Chandelier Pottery Barn

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