Easy Nautical Wood Craft -Mini Life Saver Rings

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Who would have thought that wooden curtain rings make the most perfect mini life savers!

easy nautical wood craft with vintage curtain rings
It's an easy nautical wood craft idea for a rainy afternoon.

mini life saver rings from vintage curtain rings
Cathe Holden from Just Something I Made used vintage curtain rings for this project, small alphabet rubber stamps, stamp pad and Sharpie markers.

vintage curtain rings
She says vintage curtain rings are easy to find on Ebay, Etsy, antique shops and thrift stores. The chunkier the better. New rings will work fine as well, however they tend to be skinnier. Home Depot sells drapery rings. Simply unscrew the eye screws attached to the rings and lightly sand the painted wood to achieve a distressed finish. Aren't they just adorable!

red white blue nautical napkins rings
And they make the most perfect napkin rings! For all the details, head over to Just Something I Made! White Space White Space

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