Super Easy DIY Headboard Ideas

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Here are a few easy DIY headboard ideas that would look great in a coastal style home!

diy headboard ideas shutters headboard
The easiest DIY headboard ideas I've come across are using shutters. You simply lean them against the wall. No measuring, no drilling holes -things I'm always trying to avoid! Original source unknown.

shabby chic shutters as headboard
Old shutters are so charming. Leave them as is, chipped and faded, for a shabby chic cottage look. Seen at Jane Coslick's.

white vinyl shutters headboard ideas
From shabby chic to nautical chic. In a clean modern Condo in South Beach FL white vinyl shutters cover the entire wall behind the bed.

headboard idea doors
This is one of the DIY headboard ideas that requires some work. Each panel is a painted closet door. It's the type of wood door that's hollow inside. You can buy them at Home Depot. The panels are attached to each other with hinges, and to the wall with L-brackets placed on top of the panels. Seen at Better Homes and Gardens.

shelving unit as headboard
I love this headboard idea. A shelving unit. It's a functional solution for a smaller room. More space to showcase your beach finds! Original source unknown.

large pillows instead of headboards
And the easiest headboard idea ever -large pillows! I know, you can't really call this a headboard, but it's a great and effortless alternative. Original source unknown.

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