How to Hang a Picture Grouping

How to hang a picture grouping from Better Homes and Garden

picture grouping on wall
A fabulous picture grouping of Paint by Number Art. You definitely want to get a grouping like this right, and not end up with zillion holes from trial and errors.

hang picture grouping with kraft paper
So what's the best way of hanging a picture grouping? Use kraft paper.

hang picture grouping using kraft paper
Original source at Better Homes and Garden no longer available.

How to Hang a Picture Grouping:

Trace pictures onto brown kraft paper and cut out. Label each of the papers with a description of the picture or a corresponding number.

Using blue painter's tape (which won't pull up wall paint), tape the papers to the wall. Experiment with arrangements until you have one you like.

Install picture-hanging hardware directly through the paper. Pull paper away and hang pictures.

Picture Hanging Hack with Fork
And here is a nifty picture hanging hack that will slide that frame right on the nail from House Beautiful.