The Pool House in True Blood -A Masterpiece in Shell Art

The pool house in True Blood is covered with shell art.

Shell Covered Pool House in True Blood
Have you seen the pool house in the HBO series True Blood? The pool that belongs to Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, is shell encrusted.

Sophie-Anne pool house in true blood
The estate used for filming is a property located in Malibu, CA, with statues, chandeliers, chair rails and ceiling adorned with mixed varieties of seashells and corals. And look past Sophie-Anne to the shell planter.

shell planter in True Blood
A gorgeous piece made by Beatriz Valiente. And the artist who did the entire interior of the pool house, from the surfaces to the furnishings is Scarlet Abbott. She worked with a large crew for months to encrust all the surfaces, chandeliers, and sculptures.

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